Writing Is Power…


  1. What are things that motivates these students?
  2. Why do these students feel obligations?
  3. What pushes these students to achieve obligations?

American’s By Heart Questions Set 2

  1. Does the pressure create by undocumented’s student effect them, if so in what way?
  2. How do students feel about the education system when it comes to their needs, how can they have access to the same resources as their classmates?
  3. How can these children make a difference if they are not fully respected in the community?

“Americans by Heart” Three Question’s

  1. What is the immigration reform and how does it affect these students?
  2. Why is a lot of immigration from latin America?
  3. How is harder by race to apply for citizenship?
  4. What will these students learn as they continue on with their journey?
  5. Why are these students limited to economic and socially?

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